Josh Hutcherson Explains His “Broken Nose” Tweet

Josh Hutcherson sparked rumors recently when he took to his Twitter page on May 9 mentioning nose surgery. So what exactly happened to the 19-year-old actor?

He wrote: “just had surgery to fix my broken nose. recovery sucks…thank god for a marathon on lifetime”

After he was seen leaving a Beverly Hills doctor’s office on Monday  – his rep said he was seeking treatment for a deviated septum after suffering from a break. TMZ caught up with Josh on Tuesday to have him reveal the truth. When asked if it was a basketball injury – he confirmed that it was “a deviated septum.”

Glad to know that it was nothing serious!

Walking around unnoticed after The Hunger Games is something Josh is used to and happy with.

He once told MTV, “I was expecting it to be a huge difference, and it hasn’t been, and I can’t tell you how relieved that I am. It’s been so low-key, and people who do recognize me have been awesome, cool and not crazy. Everybody was telling me, ‘It’s gonna be crazy.’ I go everywhere all the time, and nobody stops me. I’m good with what I have.”

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