Chace Crawford: Don’t Expect Me To Be A Dad Soon

Chace Crawford says playing a guy who accidentally gets a girl pregnant in What To Expect When You’re Expecting has put him off of fatherhood for awhile.

While at the London premiere of the movie on Tuesday (May 22) he told Bang Showbiz, “Yeah, absolutely 100 per cent. It is a bit like birth control. I’ve kind of like left the same way I came in. I’ve also learned to wear a condom. At some point, if you’re not planning an unexpected pregnancy. That’s kind of the theme of my storyline.”

Chace also talked about working with Anna Kendrick.

“She was great. I didn’t work with anyone else but her. We play rival food truck artists. We used to know each other in high school you find out. The old classic tale of two hooched up workers who make the friendly wager and next think you know we’re rolling around on top of a car and people are pregnant – hey!”

He also joked, “Things got a bit rough on the hood of that car. I don’t even like her, I hate her. No, she’s phenomenal, we had a funny time filming. It looks all smooth and the whole thing looks romantic but we’re really trying not to laugh.”

The Gossip Girl star may not be ready to be a dad but he’s already a loving uncle. His sister Candice Crawford and husband Tony Romo welcomed a son who they named Hawkins in April.

The actor recently told People, “I am the best uncle. I’m like Christmas vacation. I’m the best.”

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