Robert Pattinson Says Panic Attacks Are Part Of His Process

Robert Pattinson may seem cool and collected on screen, but not many people know that the Twilight actor suffers a panic attack before every movie. “I guess that’s kind of my process now,” Robert says. “I have to go through the motions of feeling I’m going to have a heart attack for a while before.”

That goes for his current movie, Cosmopolis, that he’s currently shooting in Canada with director David Cronenberg.

The 26-year-old says he spent two weeks in his Toronto hotel room obsessing about failure, then visited the director at his home for some advice. “He told me to stop worrying,” Robert laughs. “I think he heard me in the very obvious throes of a manic attack.

“I think he said, when we start shooting, what will be will be,” Robert says, referring to his director’s comforting words.

The actor says he also tried not to overanalyze his character, and to have some faith in the project. “Normally the script is s— and there is no foundation to stand on in the first place,” Robert pointed out. “And you are just so used to changing it every time, every single movie.”

But he had no such problems with Cosmopolis. “The script is fine. It’s you that’s the problem!”

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