Is Harry Styles About To Shave His Head?

Hear that? It’s the sound of millions of One Direction fans crying, “Nooooo!” That’s after band member Harry Styles said in a recent interview with UK pub The Sun that he’s considering shaving off all his famous, beautiful locks.

“I want to shave my hair off, and no one will really let me. Everyone’s telling me not to do it. And my argument is, like, I think my popularity is in my face, and not my hair.”

The 24-year-old’s tresses get almost as much attention as his love life. Recently the rumor mill was swirling that the boy bander – who was previously linked to Taylor Swift – was in a serious relationship with British actress Emily Atack. That news was followed only days later by the announcement that the couple had broken up and Harry was once again on the market.

Also in The Sun interview – Harry revealed he likes to wear his sister’s tights. “I was reading a magazine today, and I saw this big article in the back, and it was talking about men wearing tights,” he said. “Because basically it just feels really comfortable, so I’ve been putting them on under my jeans.”

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  1. Carlie

    It was a joke, he talks about it in this interview.

    link to

  2. wow, its seriously a joke. the media will turn everything into something its not.


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