Liam Hemsworth: Bandaged Up In ‘Empire State’

Liam Hemsworth was seen wearing a bandage and a bruise on his face on the set of his new movie Empire State in New Orleans, LA. on Friday (June 22). The 22-year-old actor was clearly wearing make-up for his role.

Liam plays Chris Potamitis, a Greek American from Astoria, New York. In the film he and his childhood friend Eddie rob an armored car depository. Emma Roberts plays a waitress and his love interest.

He and his brother Chris Hemsworth now have their brother trying to make it in the States. Luke Hemsworth – who starred in the soap opera Neighbours in Australia – just signed on with a talent agency.

Luke told Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph, “It does help having two brothers in the industry already… to a degree. Do I have an unfair advantage? Uh, well, yes and no.

“But you’re still doing the same things; you’re still learning lines and doing the same thing every day, going to the same auditions as everyone else — you still have to get over the line yourself.”




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