Rylie Behr On Loyalty, Acting & Julia Roberts

The comedy I Heart Shakey is coming  to theaters this summer, and the story of a young girl and her fierce devotion to her beloved dog is sure to be a hit with families. 12-year-old actress Rylie Behr stars in the heartwarming tale, tackling her first lead in a full-length feature film – an exciting step for someone who has only been acting for a few years (her biggest role to date was a small part in the 2009 TV version of Children of the Corn) Even more impressive, Rylie has had to beat some major odds on her way to achieving her dream – in 2003 the youngster was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Celebrity Teen Scoop talked to Rylie about making I Heart Shakey, her four-legged co-star, and what advice she might have for other young people who are facing obstacles on their way to achieving their dreams.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: What is the main lesson you hope everyone will take away from I Heart Shakey?
“Being loyal not only to your family but to others as well, and sticking together.”

CTS: Ebony stars as your beloved pet Shakey in the movie. What was it like to work with her?
“She’s so cute!  She was great, she is so smart and kind – and not only onscreen but she’s so lovable off screen, too.”

CTS: Do you still get to see her now that filming is over?
“Yes, I actually saw her at the premiere and I see her when we’re promoting the movie.”

CTS: You’ve been acting for a little while now, but do you still get nervous before going before the camera?
“Oh, of course I get butterflies in my stomach! I’m always nervous, thinking “What if I don’t do it right and they ask me to do it again and again and I have like, 19 takes! I just get super nervous.”

CTS: Do you have any tricks to help make it easier?
“I just go through my lines in my head and I’ll say them different ways, and I’ll go through the script with whoever I’m doing [my scene] with.

CTS: What’s your favorite thing about acting?
“I love meeting new people because you get to know them, and they could be lifelong friends which is great. I love being in other people’s skin and comparing their lives to mine.”

CTS: Who is your biggest role model?
“Julia Roberts! Omigosh I love her!”

CTS: You’ve been very open about having epilepsy. What is one piece of advice you can give to other young people who also have epilepsy, or who may be facing some other obstacle?
“Don’t let epilepsy – or anything else you might have – stop you from following your dreams.”

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  1. X

    Good for her! I find it very ironic that in a movie called I heart shakey the lead actress has epilepsy. What are the chances? It’s nice to see she doesn’t let her hold her back.


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