Victoria Justice Shares Her Best Summer Memory

What’s your best summer memory? Victoria Justice shares hers in this new video she posted on Twitter. Hint: It has to do with fun times in her hometown.

Earlier this month the Victorious star announced that she’s getting ready for her first solo tour this summer, a 17-city jaunt that kicks off in August in Costa Mesa, Calif. Victoria says there’ll be songs from her TV show on the playlist, and she’ll tackle some Top 40 hits as well.

“I really want to do ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay, so I think that’s going to happen and potentially maybe something like Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls,'” she told E! News. “I also want to pay homage to Donna Summer by singing ‘Last Dance.'”

The 19-year-old is having a busy year. After the tour, she’ll be promoting her new flick, Fun Size – a comedy with Chelsea Handler and Johnny Knoxville – and then it’s back to working on her music.

“I really want to take the time to write and focus on my solo album,” she said. “I love singer-songwriters like Paul Simon, but I feel it’s really important to be influenced by everything. I’m going to listen to every genre of music.”

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