The OMG Girlz Talk Boys, Fashion & Who Inspires Them

Where are the boys? One thing’s for sure – the OMG Girlz are having a fun time looking for them. In their video ‘Where The Boys At’ band members Babydoll, Star and Beauty share some good times in the summer sun while they sing about “trying to find the perfect one.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop had a chance to talk with the girls and got the inside story on their video, that features cameos from T.I. and Tiny. The singers also dished on some of their fashion secrets, how they got their name and who inspires them to do what they do. After the interview check out the new video!

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Congratulations on your new single, “Where the Boys At?” What was it like making the video? Any crazy or funny moments to share?

Babydoll: Thank you! It was a very fun and long day, and we enjoyed every second of it because it was something new to all of us. We love the song and there were different scenes that we really liked doing, such as the water scene. The scene was crazy, because it was nighttime and the water was very cold. We were scared that the water was going to splash on us, but it was fun when it happened. Our choreographer Sean Bankhead gave us great energy, and some of our parents also met us on set. There was great directing and we received a lot of fantastic advice. My mom, Babydoll’s mom, and Beauty’s mom were there to support us. The director, Bryan Barber, was amazing and we loved working with him. He made us feel comfortable in whatever we were doing. For example, he just showed us how to have fun in the water scene.

Star: In regard to funny or crazy moments, there was one crazy and somewhat awkward scene. The scene that made everyone scared but excited at the same time was one with the boys, because all of our parents were there. The whole boys thing is especially not my dad T.I.’s favorite. It was not our first video, but it was our first time having to act, and in this video we had to act like we liked the boys. In our first scene with the boys, we were on the beach and had to make conversation with the boys that came up to us. Sometimes we had to sing the song to them, and it made us a little excited and scared…it was really fun!

Babydoll: In the last scene where we were dancing, T.I. walks in and had a lot to say when we were partying. There was this one guy who was a little under the influence that was dancing so funny in the video. He got a great cameo in the video, and he made everyone laugh. This made the scene very fun.

 CTS: What was it like working with T.I on the video?

Star: It was a lot of fun to work with him. In the video, he told us what we should or could have been doing. It was funny, because he always tried to sneak into where we were getting dressed to ask, “What is the outfit looking like?” and he would ask about our nails and hair. He was a big part of everything, but there was some stuff he didn’t need to be a part of, like girly things, that he would try to make “age appropriate,” which  was alright. Other than that, he was very fun and great to work with, and he made funny jokes. One time when we were working on a scene, he had something different to say every time. We had to act like we were concerned, but we were laughing most of the time. It was great working with him!

CTS: Who are all your biggest musical inspirations?

Beauty: As a group, we really love TLC’s vibe, style, and music, and we love all of the group members as people. We also love Big Sean, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Beyoncé. Babydoll and Star also love John Mayer, and we all also love the group Fun and think they are really cool. We also like Nicki Minaj and older artists like Tupac, Aaliyah, and Dr. Dre. We also like T.I. of course! It is a mixture…our genres of music are all way out there.

CTS: You all have such great style! Who are your greatest style inspirations?

Star: Thank you! We each have our own different type of style. Babydoll likes to dress to match her name, kind of like a doll. She wears skirts, dresses, and girly outfits. One of her inspirations is Selena Gomez, as she has a very unique sense of style and wears a lot of different colors that look very cute together. For me, I am more tomboyish, but I dress up my wardrobe with jewelry; I like to wear combat boots and shorts and complete the look with nice earrings and a big necklace. One of my influences is Rihanna; I love her bad girl style. Beauty is more chill and wears whatever is cute…most of the times she likes wearing sweat pants. Everyone loves wearing sweat pants and we wear them at the airport or at rehearsal, but she loves wearing them all the time [laughs].

CTS: How did you meet and form the group OMG Girlz?

Beauty: Star and I have known each other for a very long time, because our parents grew up together. When we were twelve, we started the OMG Girlz. There were actually four of us, but two of the girls—my sister and Reginae—left. We saw Babydoll dancing on YouTube and we contacted her to join our group. That is how we all got started.

CTS: What inspired you to name the group OMG Girlz?

Star: When we first started, we were in the studio trying to figure out what we wanted to name the group. We came up with a lot of names, and some one said “OMG Girlz” and everyone fell in love with it. At first “OMG” meant “Oh My God”, but when the group started changing and several people left and we got Babydoll, we wanted to make it new and fresh. A lot of people knew the old OMG Girlz, but not everyone. We thought, let’s do something different and fun. That is how we came up with Officially Miss Guided, which means girls who are guided and girls who guide other girls to do the right thing.

CTS: What is up next for OMG Girlz? Any tours or new songs?

Babydoll: Coming up this weekend, we are doing the BET pre-show awards show in L.A., and then after that we are doing the Essence Music Festival and performing on the New & Next stage. Both of those shows are such an exciting honor to us, and we are also doing a Walmart event after that and the Scream tour in August. We are ecstatic for these events! Finally, we are releasing our album, Officially Miss Guided, on October 2nd, and we can’t wait for that. We are working hard and having fun, and making the world Pink, Purple, and Blue.

CTS:  How do you balance performing and your social life?

Star: We are talking to our friends on our phones 24/7, but we are each other’s friends, as well as the people we work with and our team. We always go to our choreographer’s house and hang out after practice, and we go to our road manager Tamara’s house and chill with her when we are not on the road. We are pretty much each other’s friends. Babydoll has a lot of friends back home in Mobile, Alabama who also support us. Beauty and I also have a lot of friends, and they all support us and send us texts to check up on us whenever we do something. They come to the shows and don’t ask why we don’t immediately text back when they text us; they know that we are busy. We have a nice little social life. Twitter and Instagram are also social outlets for us.

CTS:  Anything you would like to say to all the fans?

Babydoll: To all our fans, we love you and thank you so much for your support. We are doing our best and are working very hard. Team OMG forever, Pink, Purple, and Blue! We have a lot coming out, so stay tuned!

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See more of the OMG Girlz on their BET Pre Show Performance on 7/1; Essence Music Festival Performance on 7/5; Walmart Essence booth signing on 7/6. Their new album ‘Officially Miss Guided’ will drop on 10/2

Follow the OMG Girlz on their website,; Facebook, Therealomggirlz; Twitter, @TheRealOMGGirlz; YouTube, OMGGirlzTV; Instagram, OMGGirlz

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