Ariana Grande Wants To Follow You

Ariana Grande has a lot of fans on Twitter, and now she wants to show them some love. The Victorious actress is about to reach 2.2 million followers, and to celebrate she’d like to follow a few of them back. She wrote:

“For 2.2 I’m gonna follow 100 people a day for a whole week as a ‘thanks’ for your encouragement and support. What do u think? Sound fun? <3”

The 19-year-old has a big online presence, and in a recent interview she talked about becoming a social media star and how Adele helped her get there.

“We live in an age where the Internet is so important and the solution to all boredom. I was sitting at home, bored, and didn’t know what else to do, so I sang [Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’] and put it on the Internet,” she says, of the first posting that got her noticed.” It’s crazy. I wish I had put a little more effort into it. I didn’t know it was going to get so much attention. Maybe I could have learned the words correctly.”

But like a lot of teens, Ariana admits she has to work hard to keep her internet obsession in check.”My mom says, ‘Get your nose out of the phone.’ But she understands how addicting it is,” she says. “I do a lot of tweeting on the phone in the car (while someone else drives), at the set, in-between scenes, (while) eating breakfast, in the studio, in bed.

“Sometimes if I don’t tweet for 20 hours, my fans go, ‘What’s going on? Where are you?’ I like Facebook as well, but I spend more time on Twitter.”

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  1. ARIANA! i’m so so super glad your getting into more music and acting i hope even BETTER thing happen to you in your life! p.s. i have talked to you on Chatzy as title name:arianagrandelover i hope you remeber me but if not i don’t blame you Because you have billions of fans everyday! <3

  2. Arianna will you follow me on twitter please!(: :((

  3. hey arianna can text me 518-313-2142


    Follow me on twitter @xxhajraxx
    I love you ARI!!!! xxx

  5. Anthony Smith

    I like ariana grande so i can kiss her.

  6. What’s up Ari


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