Taylor Swift Shows Off Looks In CoverGirl Video

Taylor Swift shows off different looks in her latest photo shoot for Covergirl. In the video – the Mean singer wears a lot of black and white as well as a floppy black hat.

She says, “I try to experiment as much as I possibly can with fashion and makeup looks. For tour especially this year, we put together nine different looks over the course of a two hour show.”

She adds, “My inspiration for different looks, as far as makeup, comes from things I see one of my fans wearing in a meet-and-greet line. So if I see a girl show up in this amazing, shocking teal eye shadow, I might try that the next night.”

Being in Vogue has made her get more adventurous in fashion.

“I was so excited to be shooting the cover of Vogue that I let them cut bangs for me at the shoot,” she recently told Refinery29. “It turned out to be one of my favorite changes I’ve ever made to my hair. Moral of the story: Always trust Vogue.”


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