Monique Coleman Invites Young People To Sing For Self-Esteem

Monique Coleman has had a successful career as an actress, first co-starring in all three of Disney’s High School Musical movies as the character Taylor McKessie and then her recurring role on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Now she’s also turning her attention to trying to help others that might also have dreams of being in the spotlight – she recently became involved in the ‘Sing For Self-Esteem’ contest sponsored by Bellaboo Natural Skin Care.

Celebrity Teen Scoop had an exclusive Q&A with the busy singer/actress and got some insight into her role in the program, her message she’d like to send out to young people, and what’s going on with her old HSM pals.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us about the ‘Sing for Self-Esteem’ contest by Bellaboo Natural Skin Care and ULTA Beauty. What is the contest all about?
Monique: The ‘Sing For Self Esteem’ contest is about helping young people get closer to their dreams.  It’s also an opportunity to win cool prizes by singing an inspirational song about positive self esteem.

CTS: What is your role in the contest? How did you get involved?
Monique: For starters, I love the Bellaboo products!! So, when I heard they were doing a singing competition, I had to get involved. I have the honor of hosting the grand finale in Los Angeles, CA.

CTS: The contest promotes the important message of having a positive self-image. Why do you think this message is so important in today’s society?
Monique: There is so much pressure put on girls  to be perfect, but it’s an impossible standard. When teens feel good about themselves, they are more confident. Confidence and courage are major components to having a successful future.

CTS: You are also a UN Youth Champion.  What are your responsibilities in this role?
Monique: As UN Youth Champion, I promoted the messages of the United Nations as they relate to youth. Last year, I traveled the world for 6 consecutive months and visited 24 countries. It was the most incredible experience learning the diverse challenges youth face globally & seeing the huge role youth play in social change.

CTS: You were in all three High School Musical TV movies. Tell us about that experience, any favorite memories?
Monique: High School Musical was a life changing experience. I loved my character Taylor and could relate to some of her personality traits. My favorite memory was filming the graduation scene in the third movie. It was extremely emotional because we knew that this amazing journey was really over.

CTS: Do you still keep in contact with co-stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens?
Monique: Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Zac or Vanessa in ages. I think about them often & I always go to support their films. I do however stay in touch with Corbin and I recently caught up with Ashley in NYC! It was an awesome wildcat reunion.

CTS: You also had a recurring role on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. What was it like working with Cole and Dylan Sprouse?
Monique: I love those boys. They were so sweet and it was a great set to work on. I actually met Ashley on the Suite Life set before we did High School Musical. Having that relationship first made working together on HSM even more special.

CTS: You competed on Dancing With The Stars.  What did you enjoy the most about that experience?
Monique: I loved the challenge of learning a new dance each week & having to perform in front of a live audience. I come from a theater background, so I felt right at home. My favorite dance was the Jive! Jumping off the stage was exhilarating.

CTS: Will we see you back on the screen soon?  What other projects are you currently working on?
Monique: I hope so 🙂 I took last year off to focus on my non-profit/website and to work with the United Nations. I’m excited to return to acting with a new perspective on the world and what’s really important.

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