Bridgit Mendler On Empowering Kids & Dreaming Big

As Teddy Duncan in the Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie, Bridgit Mendler makes video diaries about her life as a teenager in order to prepare younger sister Charlotte (Charlie) for what she has to look forward to. And in real life, Bridgit is just as committed to helping young people – she recently became involved with the Target Education Initiative, a program aimed at funding donations to public schools and encouraging students to give back as well.

Celebrity Teen Scoop spoke exclusively with Bridgit and got the chance to hear a little bit more about the program, what else the 19-year-old has on her plate these days (her debut album is about to drop!) and why she’s encouraging everyone to reach for the stars.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: How did you come to be involved with the Target Education Initiative?
Bridgit: I was approached by target to join in the Give With Target campaign and was honored to accept the offer!

CTS: What is your goal in being part of the program?
Bridgit: I would love to help empower kids through this program. Every kid should feel like they have the opportunity to shine and prosper in their learning environment. Target is giving out donations to fund the schools and also involving kids in the process! I’m proud to be a part of a campaign that is really going to make a difference.

CTS: What would you like to say to our readers to encourage them to get involved?
Bridgit: Go follow the campaign! You can do that in two ways: ( follows my journey as I go to different schools to give out donations but you can also take action with your own school through ( There you can send a vote out for your school. 25 votes is all it takes to get the ball rolling!

CTS: On your debut album on Hollywood Records, a couple of your new songs deal with relationships – do you find that being a young celebrity makes it difficult to date?
Bridgit: I actually don’t think my dating life has been that affected by my profession. Yes, sometimes there are perks and sometimes there are downfalls to having a name that’s a little bit well known, but I think by dating the right person you avoid a lot of drama that comes along with the industry.

CTS: Another theme seems to be empowerment for girls – what would be the most important message you’d like young girls to tune into when listening to your songs?
Bridgit: Set your sights sky high! Dream big! Etc., etc. I really do believe that young girls should feel like they have the world at their feet. I’ve been the wallflower before and I know how much I wanted to step out and make a big entrance. I want to encourage girls to do the same but in a classy, unique way.

CTS: How are you similar to your Teddy Duncan character on Good Luck Charlie? Different?
Bridgit: I think Teddy and I both have crazy families and we can both be big nerds sometimes, however I do think she’s a bit more organized than I am – haha.

CTS: You’re finding success on TV and in music  any plans to move on to the big screen?
Bridgit: I would love to be in a movie! It’s all a matter of timing, a really fun script, and of course they have to cast me…fingers crossed!

CTS: What’s a typical day for Bridgit Mendler?
Bridgit: Typical is pretty different day to day but generally I’d say I like to make myself breakfast before work (eggs of some sort) and then I go to work, and then afterwards I go home and spend time with family and friends! It’s a fun life 🙂

CTS: Who is your biggest role model?
Bridgit: I really admire my mom because she’s managed to be a full time mom and a full time student and a full time working woman all at the SAME TIME. She somehow gives her full attention to everything and I really admire that she’s taught me how to feel confident that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

CTS: You’re heading to USC to start your college life soon. What will you be studying? Will you continue to act and record while going to school?
Bridgit: I’m still deciding what to study but I’m so excited! I’ll try to take a light course load so it won’t be too hard to keep up with acting and music at the same time!

Join Bridgit and get involved with the Target Education Initiative by visiting the Give With Target Facebook page.

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