Victoria Justice On Cancellation Of ‘Victorious’

Fans of Victorious were shocked and upset to hear on Friday (August 10) that the upcoming season would be the last for the popular Nickelodeon series. Now star Victoria Justice is speaking out about the show’s cancellation and what it means to her.

“We will not be expecting a fourth season, this is the first time I’ve talked about it. I just found out a couple of days ago that we’re not coming back,” Victoria told M Magazine. “It’s sad because I’ve been with Nickelodeon since I was 12 years old and I became a family with my Victorious cast. We spent a lot of time together and bonded for sure — I’ll look back on the experience very fondly. It’s a little shocking and a little bittersweet, but at the end of the day it might not be such a bad thing — we all want to do our own thing and continue to grow.”

Victorious‘ creator Dan Schneider issued a statement via his blog, and he stressed that while he didn’t want the show to end, its seemingly short three-season run was actually not unusual. “By now, a lot of you have heard that Victorious will not be returning for a 4th season. That is true. This was the network’s decision – not mine. Please understand: Almost all Nickelodeon shows have a life of about 60 episodes,” he said.

“We made around 60 episodes of Drake & Josh… of Zoey 101… and we made 41 episodes of The Amanda Show… and all those shows were big hits. So, it’s not unusual for a Nick show to do a run of just 60 episodes. I would love to have made more than 60 of Victorious, but that’s how it usually goes.

Also, in order to calm down angry fans, Dan wanted to make it clear that the show’s cancellation had nothing to do with iCarly and Victorious spinoffs in the works on the network. “We’re extremely proud of the show, and all we’ve accomplished. Also – and it’s really important that you know this – the network’s decision about Victorious had nothing to do with Gibby or Sam & Cat. I promise,” he said. “Even if there was no Gibby and no Sam & Cat – the network still would have ended Victorious after its 60-episode run.”

I know that some of you are upset and angry – and while I feel terrible about that, I’m also flattered by it. I really appreciate that you care so much,” Dan continued. “It means you love the show, which makes me feel very proud. But I ask that you please not be angry with Victoria, or Leon, Liz, Ariana, Avan… or ANY of the Victorious cast members or staff. They all wanted Victorious to continue – so did I.”

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  1. T. Ramos

    Victoria Justice is an extremely talented actress/singer. She is also very funny too!
    It deeply saddens me that her show is being cancelled. I would have liked to see her character “Torrie Vega” go to and graduate from college. And then have another show of her married life,raising a family.

    I pray to God her career as an actress/singer takes off now and she experiences GREAT success. She a great person and GREAT role model for other young people.

    The other people on the show are great too I wish them all well too!

    T. Ramos


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