The ‘Fierce Five’ Visit The David Letterman Show

The U.S. women’s gymnast team – dubbed the ‘Fierce Five’ – has been in New York this week making the rounds of talk shows and events to celebrate their Olympic gold medal  wins at the 2012 London Games.

The teen medalists – McKayla Maroney, 16, Aly Raisman, 18, Gabby Douglas, 16, Kyla Ross, 15, and Jordyn Wieber, 17 – were snapped as they made their way into the studio to chat with David Letterman on CBS’ Late Show on Tuesday (August 14). Dave asked the girls what sports – besides gymnastics – they would like to compete in. Gabby picked track, joking, “I’d face Ussain.” David quipped back, “He could carry you in his pocket.”

McKayla, Jordyn and Kyla chose volleyball, with McKayla explaining, “Because I’m just that tall.” Of course, Dave couldn’t resist pointing out, “But you always get sand in your pants.”

Earlier in the day the girls had the honor of ringing in the New York Stock Exchange closing bell, made the trek up the Empire State Building to light the tower red, white and blue and then helped Al Roker do the weather on NBC’s Today show.

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