Robert Pattinson: Bar Hopping In NYC

After doing a week of interviews Robert Pattinson had time to relax and enjoy the nightlife of New York City on Thursday night (August 16). He was seen leaving the Bowery Hotel as well as going to an East Village bar with friends.

Sporting a Cedar Brook Campground t-shirt, jacket and a baseball cap – the Twilight hottie looked serious as he avoided eye contact with the cameras.

The actor recently sat down with MTV to talk about his upcoming projects. He’ll be in Queen of the Desert with Naomi Watts, Mission: Blacklist and The Rover.

On Mission: Blacklist – a movie about the hunt for Saddam Hussein – Pattinson says he’s looking forward to filming in Iraq.

He explained, “The director’s there now. And I want to do it there. But, yeah, obviously it’s quite difficult to shoot there, but I think it’s a fascinating country. And the director’s been sending me pictures of just the original, the actual palaces where the U.S. army was based and they’re beautiful. They’re stunning. They look like Kubrick sets and they’re all just empty, just sitting there.”

He confirmed that The Rover will come before this flick.

“I think ‘Mission: Blacklist’ is probably going to be after that. But, yeah, ‘The Rover’ is next year, so if anyone has a job, just let me know.”



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