Chloë Moretz Recreates Bloody Prom Scene In ‘Carrie’

Chloë Moretz is all smiles while snapped on set of her new movie Carrie. She wore a pink prom dress – ready to get blood poured all over it just like in the original movie from 1976. At another point in the day the 15-year-old also was seen wearing a blue and purple sport jacket with matching colored sneakers. But the highlight are the pictures of Moretz covered in blood.

“We only have, like, four chances to get it right,” Moretz told EW. Because that stuff stains your hair.”

She also told MTV that Carrie will be more like the Stephen King novel than the Brian De Palma film.

“De Palma’s movie is absolutely amazing. Kim (Pierce) is actually really good friends with De Palma, and they’re talking about the movie and they’re good friends, so we’re taking a lot of his notes. But what we’re actually doing is we’re taking the book and we’re breaking the book down and we’re putting a lot of elements of the book into our story, so it’s more of like a ‘Black Swan’ version of it. So you really see the mythology of the character and you really see everything going on with Carrie. It’s darker.”

Sissy Spacek – who played Carrie in the classic film – also makes a cameo!



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