Demi Lovato: Bangs Are Back!

Demi Lovato has a new hairstyle.

She posted and Tweeted a photo of herself on September 18 writing, “Guess what’s back, back, back, back again….. BANGS are back, back, back tell your friends….”

Not only are bangs back – Demi is too! The 20-year-old is currently an X Factor judge. She and Simon Cowell were recently on Conan together to promote the show when they playfully bickered with each other.

When Conan O’Brien asked Demi what she thought of Cowell’s t-shirts, she joked, “We’re trying to reach a younger demographic, and I don’t feel we’re going to accomplish that when he’s showing more cleavage than Britney [Spears] and I are.”

“Normally you could braid your chest hair,” she added.

When Cowell suggested to Demi that she show more cleavage she replied, “I’m good. Thank you!”



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