Dijon Talton: “I’m Going On A Living Spree!”

When it comes to his career – and life – for Dijon Talton the sky’s the limit. The Glee actor – who has been in front of the cameras since he was four – has a new album coming out in the fall, a single and video about to drop in the next few weeks and a new film coming out early next year. And you know there’ll be lots more to come when he says, “Don’t expect me to slow down anytime soon!”

But right now the main thing for Dijon is his music, and the 22-year-old took a break from recording his R&B/pop LP to talk to Celebrity Teen Scoop about what we can expect from the upcoming album and single – and how he’s loving every minute of the experience. With his enthusiasm and drive, you’ll want to go along on his “living spree.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop: You have an album coming out this fall. Tell us a little bit about it.

Dijon: The LP is very much the evolution of me as a man post Glee. It’s been like my journal, paralleling my life’s experiences, relationships, etc. It’s a feel good project that takes you on a real life, relatable journey. Very much rooted in the R&B/Pop genre, but full of heavy melodies, harmonies and emotion. My single ‘Wild Out!’ is the most recently recorded song from the LP and represents where I am right now in my life best…Happy, at peace, having fun and looking for a woman who is in that same headspace, that can rock with me at that level.

The single ‘Wild Out!’ pretty much sums up the project perfectly. It’s a feel good, danceable, storyline based record and LP that has a song for every mood, time and environment. All elements that are represented through out the project as a whole. We have crazy epic ballads like ‘Goin’ Down’ to really fun dance/pop records and then all the way back to the club again and everything in-between. I feel like this project is the first time people will get to know the real me, its my most truthful/organic state artistically as of yet. It encompasses all the different elements of me as a soon to be 23 year old young man.

CTS: Do you have plans to tour?

Dijon: Yes I definitely have plans to tour and do shows. I actually can’t wait! However, the focus right now is getting the video out, promoting it and preparing for all that’s going to follow. Right after the premiere of the video, hopefully the shows/touring will begin! Performing is my passion, I feel most like myself/ at home on the stage, so I can’t wait to get back there, and be able to share my new music and energy with everyone.

CTS: When did you start your singing career? Your acting career?

Dijon: I started singing as soon as I could talk, but I knew I wanted to pursue it professionally when I began writing music as an outlet at age 13. However, I didn’t put the actions needed for that dream to become a reality until like two years ago.

Acting I was born into, it was kinda the family business. I’ve always had a passion for it as long as I can remember. I started pursuing it professionally at 4 yrs. old after modeling professionally for a year. I took a break at age 12 to focus on school and because I was going through an awkward chubby pre teen stage, so my mom wanted to shield my self-esteem from the harsh judgments of Hollywood. I ran back as soon as I graduated High School though.

CTS: What was your experience like working on Glee?

Dijon: It was an amazing experience working on Glee; it was my first major job I booked after getting back into acting. I got cast on the show while in my second year of college and it was definitely the opportunity of a lifetime. I got to do all the things I love the most… act, dance and sing. The experience was a huge blessing, being able to be apart of a phenomenon as it took out! I’ll always be grateful for that.

CTS: Will you be returning to the series at some point?

Dijon: I don’t know if I’ll be returning to the show at some point, it really isn’t up to me, as much as it is to the creators and producers of the show. But right now I’m definitely excited about and focusing on my solo music project and every other opportunity that comes my way. I’m enjoying growing as an artist and person right now. However, I will appreciate and cherish my Glee experience and fam and who knows maybe one day I will revisit it again.

CTS: Which do you prefer – singing or acting?

Dijon: I can’t say that I enjoy more or prefer one over the other. They give me completely different fulfillments and joy!! Hopefully I’ll never have to choose… Hahaha I love them both!

CTS: As far as acting, what has been your favorite role so far?

Dijon: My favorite acting role to date would definitely be Raven in the indie film I Will Follow.  It definitely was the most versatile and demanding role for me to play. The director Ava Duvernay gave me so much freedom to be creative, artistic and to really find the honesty within the character and story. Best acting experience to date hands down.

CTS: Who is your biggest role model?

Dijon: My biggest role model would definitely be Jesus Christ, aside from him; I have a lot of different role models in different capacities. I definitely look up to my parents as role models for being amazing examples of love, strength, perseverance and just all around great parents! Michael Jackson for being an amazing performer/artist and for his incredible work ethic. Denzel Washington for his depth and power. Will Smith as far as his bankability, commercial appeal and branding success. Meryl Streep for her versatility and commitment to each individual character/story. I also look up to artist like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and then current singers like Tank and Musiq Soulchild, etc. as well.

CTS: When you’re not singing and acting, what do you like to do in your free time?

Dijon: I love to spend time with my family and friends, go to church, travel, hike, and relax on my couch! Lol it’s the small things in life that mean a lot to me.

CTS: You have spent a lot of your life in front of the camera – what advice would you give to other young people considering a career in entertainment?

Dijon: I would definitely say that persistence is key! Keep God first and focus on the vision/promise/snap shot of your future that he first gave you, even if you don’t look like that vision yet. You’re a work in progress working towards it! Hollywood is a tough business of ups and downs, a lot of rejection and what seem to look like failures at the moment, but trust every dog will have there day. Never give up, hard work pays off, and the hardships make the successes that much better!

CTS: What’s up next for Dijon Talton?

Dijon: What’s up next for me is a lot more hard work! Hahaha… My music video for my single ‘Wild Out!’ should be coming out early October, the full debut LP should follow soon after. I have a horror/comedy film coming out early next year titled Chastity Bites.

So really right now the sky’s the limit, taking each day and moment as it comes, and attempting to enjoy each one to the fullest! I’m so appreciative of everything I have experienced and yet to experience. So what’s next for me is continuing to fulfill my purpose. I’m going on a living spree! Don’t expect me to slow down anytime soon!

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