Daniella Monet Gets Cozy

Not letting the heat wave get her down, Daniella Monet looked pretty warm and comfy as she snuggled up with a few pillows and then shared a pic with her fans on Twitter. She wrote:

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a quick cuddle. #cozy #allday

The Victorious actress was recently on the Nickelodeon lot filming an episode of Figure It Out, the children’s game show that features kids with special skills or unique achievements competing against each other.

Victorious cast members have been dealing with the cancellation of their popular series after just three seasons. Recently the show’s creator Dan Schneider issued a statement urging fans not to blame the cast. “I know that some of you are upset and angry – and while I feel terrible about that, I’m also flattered by it. I really appreciate that you care so much,” Dan said. “It means you love the show, which makes me feel very proud.

“But I ask that you please not be angry with Victoria, or Leon, Liz, Ariana, Avan… or ANY of the Victorious cast members or staff. They all wanted Victorious to continue – so did I.”

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