Taylor Swift & Ellen: Countdown To ‘Red’

Taylor Swift posed with Ellen DeGeneres and posted the pic on Twitter on Thursday (October 18). The two were holding up four fingers – the number of days left to the release of Taylor’s album ‘Red’ on October 22. The singer wrote, “Four days!!! Thanks @theellenshow! #RED”

The Grammy Award-winning singer recently talked with Billboard magazine about the album. She collaborates with a few different artists on the disc, and reveals what drew her to them. “The people who inspired me were the people I reached out to,” Taylor said. “You look at someone like Ed Sheeran, who comes from such a sincere place as a writer, and his songs move you in every direction emotionally. That’s something I was so inspired by I ended up calling him.

“Snow Patrol are so absolutely dead-on, they can just hit you when they are singing about loss or longing. I have always been so fascinated by how (producer) Max Martin can just land a chorus. He comes at you and hits you and it’s a chorus — all caps, with exclamation points. Dan Wilson, back to his Semisonic days, has been a huge inspiration. When your inspirations become your collaborators, it becomes something really true to the music that you like.”

Taylor also talked about the significance of her current age – 22. “For me, being 22 has been my favorite year of my life. I like all the possibilities of how you’re still learning, but you know enough,” she said. “You still know nothing, but you know that you know nothing. You’re old enough to start planning your life, but you’re young enough to know there are so many unanswered questions. That brings about a carefree feeling that is sort of based on indecision and fear and a the same time letting lose. Being 22 has taught me so much”

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  1. viki Cauthen

    I heard there was a chance to win to see Taylor. I am a mom who’ s son was diagnosed at 15 under the same family of disease as Robin Roberts. She sang at Vanderbilt childrens Hospital in 2009 and I have never been able to say Thank You because that is the only thing that was positive for him that holiday. He doesn’t have a family member to be a bone marrow transplant so we are hoping when we have to go out into the world that someone will be there. I don’t want to take away from a super fan to see her but would just like to be able to say Thank you in some way to her for making my child’s time at the hospital more bearable. By meds he is now a freshman at UT Knoxville in the Architectural Dept. and is doing well. This just seemed like the right place to put this out there. Ellen seems to recognize when something is important and I have never done anything like this so my son may strangle me, I really hope I’m not sending to a false site.
    Viki Cauthen


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