First Pajama Inspired Fashion…And Now Blanket Style?

Pajama fashion has been around for a while now. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Bloggers, celebs, and fashion designers have taken it up a notch from the fuzzy and fleece pjs teens were wearing to the mall. But one step beyond pajama inspired fashion  – and the next big thingis blanket style. Teens are wearing blankets. That’s right, not a cape, not a pashmina, not a coat. A warm and fuzzy blankie wrapped around their shoulders to keep them warm. From afar it may look like a fashionable cape, but up close, you’ll see it’s a blanket. And you’ll do a double-take. And you might stare, or giggle, or even roll your eyes.

What do you think? Find out more about this bedtime-inspired fashion trend over on PopCosmo!

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