Cody Simpson: Tweets From The Studio

Cody Simpson enjoys some quiet time as he gets to work in a recording studio on Tuesday (November 20). The ‘Wish U Were Here’ singer tweeted, “crafting for my fans.”

The 15-year-old pop star is getting ready to head out on the road with Justin Bieber – Cody will be joining select dates on Justin’s ‘Believe’ tour starting on January 10th in North Little Rock, AR. Do you have your tickets yet?

In a recent interview Cody talked about something we might not associate with a teen superstar – cyberbullying. “[It’s] is something that I experience online everyday, you know? Being a public figure a lot of people will really love what you do, but you know there is also a ton of people who will hate on it,” he told AOL Music Blog.

Cody talked about how parents might not be fully aware of how their kids may be vulerable to online harassers, and not just the traditional schoolyard bully. “Because that is how they grew up with it,” he said. “There’s this whole new technology element now that pretty much only the new generation really understands. It definitely ups the ante.

“People feel so much more comfortable bullying behind a screen than in person. It gives them a mystique and makes them say things that they would never be strong enough to say in person. And when people feel more comfortable behind the screen, they definitely take it much more extreme. But it still hurts the same way.”


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