The Jonas Brothers Send Thanksgiving Greetings

The Jonas Brothers spent Thanksgiving together and shared a few Instagram photos with their family for fans.

Joe Jonas wrote: “Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful this year for Family, Friends, Music, Fans, Whipeout, Coffee Sleeves, 007, Harry Style’s Hair,And Mustaches”

Nick Tweeted: “Happy Thanksgiving everyone” and posted a pic of Joe holding a dog.

Kevin tweeted one of him and Danielle and said, “Happy thanksgiving!!! Love u all”

Relaxing with the family will be for a short time. The band will be performing at this year’s KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2012 Concert on December 1.

They told Ryan Seacrest, “It’s been a minute since we played at Jingle Ball, so it should be incredible. We are really looking forward to it.”

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Photo credit: Instagram


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