Sara Lindsey Savors Her Time In ‘The Promised Land’

Sara Lindsey may be a new face on the scene, but with roles in upcoming films alongside the likes of Matt Damon and Tom Cruise, this talented actress already sounds like an old pro! A graduate of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Sara is also an accomplished musician and singer who has been performing since the age of nine and booked her first role while still in college in J.J.Abrams’ Super 8.

Sara talked exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about her role in the highly anticipated feature Promised Land that, while dealing with a very controversial subject, gave the actress the “dream team” of her young career.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Sounds like you have had a busy year! Tell us about your upcoming film Promised Land.
Sara: Promised Land is a movie about American identity. It opens with two salespeople, played by Frances McDormand and Matt Damon, coming to the small town of McKinley, PA to lease land for hydraulic fracturing (fracking). I play a single mom who is given a significant financial opportunity and the choice to turn things around for my family, but with that choice comes with consequences. The bigger question asked is: how much will you sacrifice for the people you love?

CTS: The film highlights the controversial process of fracking. What did you learn about this from working on the movie?
Sara: I learned a lot about fracking from the research I did before and while shooting. It’s a huge, very complex issue, but the most important thing I think is that whatever we do, we do it safely. There is no excuse for causing irreparable damage to our planet and its people, and as things stand right now, there is not a safe way to frack natural gas under the current laws and regulations. However, this movie is not about the logistical details of fracking, nor is it meant to offer a singular opinion on the issue. It’s meant to be a great, interesting film.

CTS: Tell us about working with Matt Damon, John Krasinksi and Frances McDormand.
Sara: The dream team! It was absolutely incredible. All of the actors in the movie, the director Gus Van Sant, the crew. A dream. Matt and John, who wrote, acted, and produced, are two of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Fran and Gus, too. And they all have huge hearts.

CTS: You started performing at a very young age. Can you share a little bit about your early years and how you got your start?
Sara: I’ve always been creatively-minded and luckily my parents didn’t have a problem with that. They are both physicians, and my three older brothers are doing all kinds of different world-changing things with their brains, so my artistic antics were always seen as special. I spent my childhood singing, dancing, acting, playing oboe, and having a very “normal” life. All of those things have helped me in my career.

CTS: What are some of your favorite movies that may have shaped your desire to begin acting?
Sara: Three of my favorite movies are The Apartment, The Royal Tenenbaums, and On the Waterfront. However, I still have a long, long list to watch!

CTS: Who would your dream co-star be?
Sara: I’ve worked with many of my dream co-stars! Of the ones I haven’t yet worked with, probably Marion Cotillard. I’m obsessed with her. However, my dream romantic co-star would warrant a much lengthier response.

CTS: How do you stay grounded being an up-and-coming actress in Hollywood?
Sara: My dog Max really keeps me sane and happy. He’s the best. Also my best friends who think I’m the most beautiful and smart while wearing a t-shirt and no makeup. Their perspective on life and my family’s, too, keep me incredibly grounded.

CTS: Give us a little preview of your film coming up with Tom Cruise.
Sara: Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher always does the right thing no matter what, and at the end of the movie, he teaches my “bad boy” boyfriend a lesson. What could be more awesome than that?

CTS: If you had to give three pieces of advice to young people hoping to pursue a career in entertainment, what would they be?
Sara: Really listen when people talk to you, but always consider the source. Pay attention to your intuition and your gut feelings, don’t ignore those things. Also, avoid taking any sort of nude photos of yourself, and especially avoid tweeting them.

CTS: What’s coming up next in the busy and exciting career of Sara Lindsey?
Sara: Hopefully lots of amazing roles where I get to play super smart, interesting, and complex female characters! Also a happy holiday season with the friends and family that make everything worthwhile.

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