Thomas Kasp Takes On ‘Space Warriors’

You may already recognize up-and-coming actor Thomas Kasp – he’s had roles on hit shows iCarly, Shake It Up and Big Time Rush. Now get ready to see Thomas on the big screen – he makes his feature film debut in the upcoming Space Warriors, where he’ll appear alongside Josh Lucas and Danny Glover.

Celebrity Teen Scoop had the chance to talk exclusively with Thomas, and we got the dish on everything from his new movie to his early beginnings to what it’s like dating in Hollywood (he hasn’t – yet.)

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us about your new movie coming up, Space Warriors with Josh Lucas and Danny Glover.
Thomas: Space Warriors is a great action adventure movie for the whole family. It’s a story about kids at space camp who are competing for a chance to go into space. When a real life disaster occurs at the International Space Station, the kids leap in to action and team up with the adults to save the astronauts on board.

CTS: You’ve been in some of our readers favorite shows! iCarly, Shake it Up, Big Time Rush, and Victorious. Tell us about your experiences working on them and which was your favorite?
Thomas: All of those shows were a blast to be a part of. On every show, the actors are just as nice as they are on television. It’s like one big family and they all became good friends of mine. I loved working on iCarly with Miranda Cosgrove, she was easy to get along with. My experiences on Shake it Up and Big Time Rush were also great, both casts were hilarious to work with.

CTS: How did you get started in acting?
Thomas: When I was younger, a lot of my friends decided to audition at a local acting school. I was a competitive kid and I decided to give it a shot. I ended up doing the best out of all of my friends. I loved acting and I didn’t want to stop.

CTS: Do you recall a movie, TV show, or performance that sparked your desire to be an actor?
Thomas: Definitely Three’s Company. When I was little, it was my favorite show to watch with my family. I thought John Ritter was brilliant and hilarious. He had impeccable comedic timing and was great at physical comedy. He made me want to be a great entertainer just like he was. That show was classic.

CTS: Your background is Polish and you speak both Polish and English. Have you ever had the chance to use your bilingual skills in any of your roles?
Thomas: The first episode of iCarly that I was on, I had a scene where I call in to the web show and I scream really loudly in Polish. It was fun to yell a different language on camera and at Miranda and Jennette [McCurdy.]

CTS: What would be your dream role? Co-star?
Thomas: My dream role would be any movie with Emma Watson. I think she’s adorable and I would love to work with her.

CTS: We hear you’re a big outdoor enthusiast? Tell us about some of your adventures.
Thomas: Every summer my family and I go to Colorado. We hike, fish, white-water raft, ATV in the mountains, and camp out in the wild. I love the outdoors. It’s so quiet and peaceful and gives me a lot of opportunities to think deeply and relax.

CTS: You’re a 19 year-old in Hollywood, so of course we have to ask you about your love life. Are you seeing someone now? What are the pitfalls of dating in Hollywood?
Thomas: I haven’t dated in Hollywood but a lot of my friends have and they say that It’s nice dating someone who shares the same interests and hobbies.

CTS: How will you be spending your holidays?
Thomas: The end of the year holidays are a big deal for me because they include my birthday which is December 20th. This year I will be spending the holidays with family who will be visiting from out of town and we will also take a weekend trip to Santa Barbara.

CTS: Whats coming up for you in 2013?
Thomas: I just did an episode of Community and will be auditioning and meeting for several new projects after the new year. Also, a will hit theaters early in the year.

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