Debby Ryan’s Got Superstition

Debby Ryan might be just a little superstitious. Not only is her latest song a cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ (she does a duet with singer Brenna Whitaker) but the ‘Jessie’ star was also giving some deep thought to the Mayan Apocalypse on December 21 (that didn’t happen, by the way.) By what Debby tweeted on Thursday you can tell the girl’s got her priorities straight:

“The world cannot end tomorrow. I don’t have a boyfriend. Anyway, are zombies hot or whatever? Asking for a friend.”

And now that the world didn’t end, Debby can go back to concentrating on making her hit videos. Before she released ‘Superstition’ she sent out a message to fans and gave some props to her duet partner.“Hello beauties. So I’ve done it again. I’ve gone singing with my friends, got a video camera, and made a little tape for you people,” she said.

“I just think one of the best things ever is making music with people you look up to. Brenna Whitaker headlines [and absolutely slays] Jazz Night every week at the world famous W Hotel in Hollywood. She’s an unreal vocalist, a hilariously captivating performer, and has quickly become one of my favorite people. Singing with her was a dream come true & I can’t wait to share her with the rest of the world.”

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