Emma Roberts Promotes THRED To Fight AIDS

Emma Roberts went online to answer questions about THRED on Thursday (December 20). She shared a photo on Instagram and wrote” “Look! It’s me! Answering your questions! @stylewatch”

THRED was launched by The Coca-Cola Company and (RED). Emma is helping to promote the free mobile game that also is for a good cause.

She recently was interviewed by Teen Vogue in which she explained, “I’m partnering with Coca-Cola and Red to help spread the message about the goal to deliver an AIDS-free generation by 2015. It’s this really cool game called (THRED), and it’s just really fun. It’s free to download, but you can buy ‘power-ups’ from $0.99 cents to $209.99, and that money goes to The Global Fund.”

She added, “I think its really important. I want people to be aware of the AIDS issue and I want them to know they can make a difference. I’m a young woman, and a lot of young people aren’t informed. It’s cool that I can get the word out on Twitter and through interviews, and just among my group of friends.”

Emma also said she uses the iPad the most stating, “I always have it with me on set, because I’m on set for 12 hours a day.”

As for future films she revealed, “I have a movie with Jennifer Aniston. It’s a really fun family comedy. I’m finishing up Palo Alto. James Franco is in it, it’s based off his book of short stories, and my good friend Gia Coppola is directing it.”

Asked what she wants from Santa she replied, “I was really boring! Like an old woman, I want a crepe pan and sweatpants.”

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