Jennette McCurdy: I Contemplated Walking Away From It All

Jennette McCurdy found fame at a young age – she was only 14 when she was cast in Nickelodeon’s iCarly, a role that would bring recognition but also a lack of privacy. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jennette talked about the pros and cons of being a young celebrity in Hollywood.

“As [iCarly] grew in success, so did my desire to get back to a private life,” Jennette said. “I started feeling like I was always on my guard, always looking for someone sneakily taking a picture or wondering what favor someone was going to ask for when they sent me a seemingly friendly “just checking in” text.”

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It became difficult for the new star to tell who was genuine – and who was just looking for a favor. “It seemed everywhere I went, someone (professional or personal) wanted or needed something from me,” Jennette continued. “It was as if I made a deal with the mob in some cheesy, old movie. I was no longer in control. People had expectations of me.

“My job was simple: do everything anyone around me wanted and smile doing it. There were times when I contemplated walking away from it all…”

But the 21-year-old says she realized she had a lot to be grateful for. “For every “negative” repercussion of fame, there were positives,” she said. “In my childhood, I was a sensitive nerd with mischievous undertones, and being on television made me cooler, made people love me, gave me the ability to do things others couldn’t dream of, and let me get away with more.

“What’s not awesome about that? Which is how the fame addiction begins. So innocent, so slight, so not of my doing or even in my control. Did I want to go backstage and meet my favorite singer and hear about how they loved me, too? Um, yes, please.”

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