Ed Sheeran Hugs A Babe

We know the fans are always throwing themselves at Ed Sheeran, but here’s one babe he scooped right up. The ‘Lego House’ singer posed for a pic with an adorable little baby and wrote, “This little guy is a lad.”

Ed has been on tour with Taylor Swift and the two have become the best of friends. So what does he love most about the ’22’ singer? Her sense of humor. Taylor has “the most English sense of humor out of any American I’ve ever met,” Ed told MTV.

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“She’s just dry, she has a very dry sense of humor and Americans are usually like slapstick comedy, that’s the big thing but she’s very English,” he explained.

“She’s like The Office. English Office, not Steve Carell – Ricky Gervais.”

The 22-year-old added that he’s had a great time opening for Taylor on her ‘Red’ tour. “It’s been fun. I’ve had a cool year,” he said. “I spent nine months of in in America – well, eight months going on nine – it’s been fun.”

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