Zendaya: Transformation (And Track List) Tuesday

Awww, we knew her when. Zendaya posted this pic that shows her as a youngster and as she looks now. Although, she is only 17-years-old so it’s not like the photos were taken that far apart. The Shake It Up star wrote, “Transformation Tuesday…we’ve all been there lmao.”

On Tuesday (August 20) Zendaya had a treat for fans – she released the track list for her self-titled debut album that drops on September 17. “Here comes my surprise…you all have been asking what songs are on my album…so I’m about to tell you!!” tweeted.

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Before she revealed the list she gave a rundown on a few of the tracks. “Track #1 = ‘Replay’! A cool fact about Replay: it was promised 2 someone else & it took me a few months to convince them to let me record it! Track #2 = ‘Fireflies’! a cool fact about Fireflies: when I heard this song, I loved it so much that I went in the very next day to record it!”

Here is the track list for Zendaya:

Track #3 = ‘Butterflies! a cool fact about Butterflies: it was written/produced by Monsterz & Stangerz! they have 2 other songs on the album!
Track #4 = Putcha Body Down! a cool fact about Putcha Body Down: the beat on this song is dope…u guys will want to get up and dance!!
Track #5 = Heaven Lost An Angel! a cool fact about Heaven Lost An Angel: it was written for a guy to sing…so we rewrote it to fit me!!
Track #6 = Cry For Lovel! a cool fact about Cry For Love: it makes grown people cry!! especially my stylist @LUXURYLAW !!
Track #7 = Only When Ur Close! a cool fact about Only When Ur Close: I helped write this!! one of my favs 2 perform…the choreo is so dope!
Track #8 Bottle You Up! a cool fact about Bottle You Up: a beautiful song that kinda has special meaning in my life ???? (can’t say anymore) 😉
Track #9 Scared! a cool fact about Scared: it kinda gives me a Kanye West vibe…it was written by the same team who wrote Replay!!
Track #10 Love U Forever! a cool fact about Love U Forever: produced by Nick Jonas! @paulephamous and @TiffanyFred’s third song on the album
Track #11 My Baby! a cool fact about Baby: written by 2 guys I call my big bro’s and they wrote Swag It Out!! @BobbyBrackins & @NicNacBeats’

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