Nickelodeon’s Lucas Cruikshank Announces “I’m Gay”

Marvin Marvin’s Lucas Cruikshank has revealed he is gay. In a comedic YouTube video – he and Jessie’s Jennifer Veal are tucked in bed engaging in a Q&A with fans when the news is announced.

E! News reports Veals asks, “Are you gay?!”

“That’s so funny, hearing you say it,” Cruikshank squealed.

Veal then said, “He’s gay.”

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“I’m gay,” agreed the almost 20-year-old. “It feels so weird saying it on camera!”

“You seriously think that we would have sleepovers, Instagram him doing face masks?” Veal continued.

Cruikshank added, “My friends and family have known for, like, three years, I just haven’t felt the need to announce it on the Internet. I feel awkward!”

Even Cher messaged him her seal of approval saying, “proud of you!”

He later posted a video of himself singing to Cher’s hit single in the car. He wrote via Instagram: “This is how I feel about Cher DM’ing me today.”

In January Celebrity Teen Scoop got to interview him while he was promoting the Nickelodeon series.

Asked on what inspired him to start making videos – he said, “It’s just something I’ve always been around. I remember being super young and watching my older sisters make homemade videos with our mom’s camcorder, so I thought it was something everyone did. I grew up in a small town in Nebraska, so there wasn’t much to do, so when I was bored I’d make a video.”

Good for you Lucas!

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