Selena Gomez: Getaway Girl

Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke kick back and relax while promoting their new film Getaway. Selena posted this pic and wrote, “Getaway time :).”

The ‘Come And Get It’ singer plays a rebellious character in the movie, and she recently talked to Latina magazine about how it compared to real life. “It was really fun for me to pretend to know about cars and technology because I know nothing about it, so I actually did get to learn a lot about it,” she said. “As far as having done that in my real life, I don’t know, I stole a ChapStick when I was seven, at a store.”

Getaway tells the story of a husband (Ethan) who’s forced to commit a series of crimes in order to save his kidnapped wife. Selena plays his sidekick – a petty criminal – who helps him carry out the plan.

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Selena was also asked if her younger fans might be confused by her bad-girl role. “Oh, no. I’ve already past that. We did Spring Breakers and I think they get it,” she said. “I feel like half the time they don’t give kids my age or younger enough credit. Obviously, they see who I am and they see that I’m here to play a character.

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