Not A Belieber: Clubgoer Attacks Justin Bieber

Apparently not everyone is a Belieber. TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber was attacked at a Toronto nightclub on Friday night, when he left the VIP section to mingle with the ordinary people. That’ll teach Justin to come out from behind the velvet ropes!

According to the reports, a male clubgoer charged at the singer but was immediately rustled to the ground and kicked out of the club. The incident was caught on camera, but the police were not called. In the photos Justin can be seen in an unbuttoned black shirt and black baseball cap (turned backwards, of course.)

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Onlookers say that Justin tried to defend himself with a flurry of kicks. Sounds like a not-so-chill time for the Biebs.

But the evening had started out so well! Hours before, the 19-year-old posted the picture above, showing him sitting on the steps of the building where he used to perform as a child. “Remember where you come from,” he wrote.

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