Zac Efron Has A Purr-fect Day

Zac Efron looks adorable with a kitten named Camo. According to eonline – the feline friend is in one of the actor’s upcoming films.

The rescue center Facebook page reads: “[Camo] was only supposed to be there for the day but now Zac is considering adopting him.”

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With a growing resume with films such as The Paperboy, At Any Price and Parkland – the actor has said he is grateful for High School Musical.

He shared, “Here’s the one thing about High School Musical that people forget or don’t realize. It affected a lot of people…it’s resonance, culturally, was massive…and it was, in every sense of it, the luckiest break in the world.

“The wrong thing to do — and that’s what all these interviews now are trying to get me to say — is to turn on it, to like sh*t on it, call it crap. But that’s insane.”

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