Abigail Mavity: “I Would Give Anything To Get To Work With Leonardo DiCaprio”

If you recognize Abigail Mavity, it’s probably because she’s been in the entertainment industry for 19 years! The 20-year-old actress is set to star alongside Austin James in the movie The Ultimate Life, which hits theaters this Friday, September 6th.

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently caught up with Abigail about her her character in The Ultimate Life and how she taught herself to read scripts at just 3 years old. She also shared what it was like growing up with 9 older siblings!

CTS: So, you’re 20 years old and you’ve been in the entertainment industry for 19 of the 20 years! Is it true you taught yourself to read at 3 years and was able to read scripts and take on acting parts?  That’s pretty incredible.

Abigail: “Thank you! Yes, I did teach myself to read and began reading scripts at 3 years old. That’s actually how I got into acting; I was asked to cold read a script when I was just 3 and after that I was set up with an acting coach. It all went from there.”

CTS: Do you feel like acting kind of found you at an early age and it’s something you were meant to do?  Do you have any other aspirations you’re pursuing?

Abigail: “I definitely think acting is something I was meant to do. It’s not very often that people can say they’ve known what they wanted to do as long as they can remember. On top of that, not many people can say they’ve spend their entire life pursuing that goal. Other than acting, I love music and that’s definitely something I would love to pursue. I’ve been playing the piano and singing since I was 5 years old, so music is something else that I absolutely love.”

CTS: You have a big movie coming out in September called, The Ultimate Life.  Tell us a little about the movie and your character.

Abigail: “The Ultimate Life is a sequel and a prequel to the movie The Ultimate Gift, which starred James Garner and Abigail Breslin. Our film takes place after Jason inherits this billion dollar foundation and seemingly has it all, until he’s sued by his family for control of the foundation. His love, Alexia, also leaves on an extended trip to Haiti, so he goes to his grandfather’s journal to find answers to help him in his own life. We’re transported back in time through Red Steven’s journal and get to witness his ‘rags to riches’ journey.”

CTS: You’ve done modeling, commercials, TV shows and movies.  You’ve got a big resume. Which medium would you say is your favorite and why?  

Abigail: “Honestly, I really don’t have a favorite; I love everything that I get to do and I’m so blessed for all the opportunities that I’ve had.”

CTS: Is there someone in Hollywood you look up to and would like to work with? 

Abigail: “As far as people I look up to, I really look up to and love Carey Mulligan, Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep, and Leonardo DiCaprio. I would give anything to get to work with Leonardo DiCaprio, as I think I could learn so much from him.”

CTS: You’re the youngest of 10 kids!  That had to have been a crazy childhood.  What was it like?  Any good stories to share? 

Abigail: “It was pretty crazy, as there was always something going on. It’s still pretty crazy even though we’re all adults now. Being the youngest, people think I was spoiled as a child, and I probably was a bit, but I was always the butt of everyone’s jokes! I definitely got thick skinned from being picked on so much. However, all in all, it’s really nice having 9 older siblings who look out for you.”

CTS: What’s up next for you?  Any projects in the works?

Abigail: “As of right now, I’m just really excited for The Ultimate Life coming out on September 6th and I’m definitely checking out other potential projects! There are a few possibilities, so we just have to see which ones pan out!”

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