Ian Somerhalder: “Can’t Wait To Sleep With Her!”

Ian Somerhalder posted a photo of his new Airstream trailer on Saturday (September 7).

The Vampire Diaries actor wrote: “I got her-cant wait to sleep with her!!! My new sexy silver&recyclable @airstreamtrailer Bambi & going to be pulled by @audi Q5 clean fuel .The old man and I are driving her home-thanks Dad. Really wishing I was going to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai to march w/ my Hawaiian brothers and sisters to protect the land from big Agro/chemical companies.Make it right!Get involved!Lets make”

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On Thursday (September 5) he posted a video giving a shout out to co-star Kat Graham on her 24th birthday.

The video caption reads: “Little story of an amazing woman on set…Happy Birthday Katerina Graham!!!! @katgrahampics we LOVE you! Love, Ian.”

Meanwhile season 5 of the CW series premieres on October 3. In a recent promo – Ian’s character Damon and Nina Dobrev’s Elena say they love each other. When her character says, “I love you,” he responds, “And I love you.”

At Comic-Con Ian admitted that filming on set isn’t always easy.

He said, “Don’t for a second think it’s always cotton candy. Sometimes it really hurts, and a lot of stuff that Damon goes through is super cathartic for me as an individual. It’s not always pretty – it stirs up stuff. You are basically muddying the water all the time. You are pulling from all these things in your life that are not necessarily good, so it’s basically like getting paid for therapy instead of going and sitting in someone’s chair and going, ‘Tell me about how you feel.'”

He added, “It’s not always fun. Sometimes it’s brutal and I’ll walk off set and I’ll cry for ten minutes alone in my trailer and I look at myself in the mirror and go, ‘What the hell are you doing? Why are you crying in the trailer? Go have a coffee or something.”

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