Ed Sheeran’s First Concert

Before there was ‘Lego House’ and before he was opening for Taylor Swift, there was just a boy and his guitar. Ed Sheeran posted this photo last week of his earliest concert and wrote:

“Throwback Thursday : my first concert, age 11”

Ed has been busy lately working on the follow-up to his 2011 debut album, and in a recent interview with Rolling Stone the singer gave a hint of his ambitious future plans. “I’ve demoed 70 songs,” he said. “I’m hoping to release three [albums] in three years.”

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The 22-year-old didn’t let on what exact songs or the style that his fans can expect in his upcoming releases saying, “I’ve got the whole months of October and November to decide what to do,” but he did spill that he’s working with the legendary producer Rick Rubin.

“Rick had an idea of me recording it completely acoustic and then adding [instrumentation later],” Ed said. “There are just so many tunes and so many directions to go with the album that I don’t really know.”

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