Miley Cyrus Tells Elvis Duran: “I’m Just Having Fun”

Miley Cyrus sat down to chat with Elvis Duran recently to talk about Wrecking Ball and Twerking.

On releasing her second single: “I was actually panicking last night because I felt like for me with “We Can’t Stop” there was all this anticipation and all this time to build up this one single. I have been so busy right now with “We Can’t Stop” still doing what its doing and catching fire not just in the states but all over the world its now starting to play here [in Europe] so I feel like I have so much going on.”

On “Wrecking Ball” and the controversial video: “I think the video is much more. If people get past the point I make, and you actually look at me, you can tell I look more broken than even the song sounds. The song is a pop ballad that everyone can relate too; everyone has felt that feeling at some point. If people can take their minds off the obvious and go into their imagination and see what the video really means it is so vulnerable. Actually, if you look at my eyes I look more sad than actually my voice sounds on the record. It was a lot harder to do the video than it was to record the song. It was much more of an emotional experience.”

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On being the unofficial “Twerk” Queen“: I don’t know how that necessarily happened. For me, anything I do becomes it becomes such a big deal. I’m just having fun. Whatever people label it as it doesn’t really matter. I always want to switch it up.”

On her hair: “I don’t ever want to be too much like anyone else. I definitely want to be something different. I can only control that so much. It’s a natural process so I don’t really have too much control over it.”

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