Chloë Moretz: W Magazine Cover Girl

Chloë Moretz give off a more serious vibe on the October cover of W magazine. The 16-year-old actress has been lucky to also be Seventeen’s cover girl.

According to The Huffington Post – in the interview the Carrie star shares what she likes to wear. She stated, “[My brother] Trevor has introduced me to tons of fashion, but when we were [in Paris], I got obsessed. I used to wear button-down shirts and little sweaters, and I looked like an adult, but now I want to have a Christopher Kane kind of style. I’m moody: I wear a lot of black—but I could reinvent myself tomorrow.”

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Meanwhile Moretz is rumored to be considered to be in Star Wars Episode VII.

No doubt she would accept the role if offered. She recently said, “Obviously there’s interest, it’s Star Wars. I’d kill to be a part of that franchise. I don’t know JJ, I’ll give you my phone number, if you’d text me.”

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Photo credit: W magazine

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