Danielle Radcliffe: I’m No Christian Grey

Daniel Radcliffe says he doesn’t think he’s the right actor to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Talking to MTV at the Toronto International Film Festival – he explained, “I literally had someone say to me for the first time today, ‘The world’s in uproar you’re not playing Christian Grey.’ And I’m like ‘If this is uproar, it’s inaudible.’ I think there was approximately no people wanting me to play Christian Grey, including myself.”

He continued, “I have to say, no offense to anybody, I’m sure they’re going to do a great job on the movie, but it’s not something that I think of would have been a good next step for me.”

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Radcliffe did reveal that he has sexy thoughts on Katy Perry.

“Mentally I am very close to Katy Perry, a lot,” he joked. “I’ve been in a room with her since and I couldn’t say [anything]. I was across a room from her and I was like ‘I can’t. I can’t even say anything you probably seen an interview with me [and] you know these thoughts are in my head. I can’t even look at you’.”

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