Laura Samuels: “I’m Just A Normal Girl From A Small Town”

You may recognize Laura Samuels from her roles on Awkward. and Wizards of Waverly PlaceThe talented actress is set to star as Kylie in the Lifetime World Premiere The Cheating Pact, which deals with high school students cheating on their college entrance exams.

Celebrity Teen Scoop had the chance to chat with Laura about working on The Cheating Pact, how she got her start in acting, and her favorite actors and actresses. She also shares what it was like working with Justin Timberlake on sci-fi film, In Time!

CTS: You star as Kylie in the Lifetime World Premiere The Cheating Pact, premiering on September 28th.  Did you enjoy working with the rest of the cast?  Did you hang out together while filming?

Laura: “I absolutely enjoy playing those roles! I enjoy playing all roles. Kylie got to throw tantrums and kick trash cans…wouldn’t enjoy that?! The cast and crew were all amazing too. Anytime the cameras weren’t rolling, we were all hanging out and sharing laughs. It was a cool experience!”

CTS: Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get your start in acting? 

Laura: “I grew up in a small town in Texas and I was a very shy kid. My parents tried sticking me in sports to help me figure out what I was good at, and after I was caught picking flowers during a soccer game, they figured sports probably wasn’t for me. They asked me, ‘What do you think you would be good at?’ and I  couldn’t get the stage off my mind. I joined theater and fell in love with acting. It totally consumed me!

I started warming my parents up to the idea of me moving to Los Angeles at a young age, so by the time I graduated they were totally on-board and were very supportive. Before I moved, I took a little trip to Los Angeles to hunt for a manager and agent. I was blessed enough to leave with both! The rest is kind of history. I have my amazing team to thank for what I’ve done so far, and we’re all really excited for the journey ahead.”

CTS: Who are some of your favorite actors and would you most want to work with?

Laura: “Where do I even begin!?! This has to be the longest list ever, so I’ll keep it to top three. I’m completely mesmerized by Meryl Streep and it would be a dream come true to get to work with her. She inspires me. Second would be the ever-so-talented Jennifer Lawrence. There’s something so enticing about her and I feel like our sarcastic chemistry would be fun on-screen. Last but absolutely not least would be Kristen Wiig. That woman is my soul sister! I haven’t gotten a chance to showcase my comedy chops, but it would be the biggest honor to work with her!”

CTS: What are some of the highlights of your acting career so far? 

Laura: “The first and biggest highlight was working with the gorgeous Justin Timberlake in his science fiction film, In Time. It was a small role, but I was there all night right smack dab in between Justin and Matt Bomer from White Collar. It was so surreal.

A second highlight was working with Malcom McDowell and Chris Kataan on a comedy that will come out in November. Malcom was the definition of class and Chris had everyone dying laughing. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine!”

CTS: Is it hard to live a “normal” life when pursuing an acting career?  How do you stay grounded?

Laura: “I’m just a normal girl from a small town, so it’s not really that hard to stay grounded! My parents didn’t let me move to Los Angeles until I was 18, so I had time to discover myself and live a normal life before I came to the lion’s den. [laughs] I stay grounded because of the God I worship and the friends I surround myself with. If I didn’t have the amazing people in my life encouraging me to do the right things and loving me through the times, then it would be very easy to fall.”

CTS: Do you have any advice for young people thinking of breaking into the acting industry?

Laura: “As a matter of fact, I do! My advice would be to know who you are and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If I had a nickel for every time someone from my hometown told me I wouldn’t make it, I would be rich! It’s all about believing in yourself and hard work. Good things come to those who wait? No! Good things come to those who get off their tush and work for it!”

CTS: What’s up next for you?

Laura: “I have a horror film called Prank’d coming out in October and a comedy called Boulevard H coming out in November. I’m excited to see what doors open up this coming year! You take things one day at a time in this industry, so fingers crossed that this new year is a big one!”

To watch Laura in The Cheating Pact, tune into LMN on Saturday, September 28th at 8pm ET/PT.

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