Dylan Sprouse Is Working At A Restaurant But He’s Fine

Remember Dylan Sprouse from Disney’s Suite Life Of Zach & Cody? Well, word is some fans spotted him working at a New York City restaurant as a host, but he wants everyone to just chill out – he’s fine and not broke or anything.

“So many pictures have gotten out that I’m now working as a host at a restaurant in NY. To clear up the air (which is admittedly pretty rude), I did not take this job because I ‘lost all my money,'” the 21-year-old wrote on his Tumblr page. “I am financially secure, and took this job as a way to primarily feed my over bountiful video game addiction.”

“I also took this as a way to try a new experience, working somewhat below the means I’m used to, as well as a way to socialize and get out of the house,” Dylan continued.

The former child star defended his decision to take a job outside of Hollywood. “I feel most comfortable when I’m working and doing something, to criticize someone of that is pretty odd,” he said. “I will potentially return to acting someday, but in no way do I think any experience is a step down for me, but rather a new step in another direction.”

After starring in the hugely successful Suite Life of Zach & Cody and the spinoff The Suite Life on Deck, Dylan and his co-star – and twin brother – Cole Sprouse left the Disney Channel to attend college. “Historically, Disney Channel stars don’t survive well outside of the Disney environment…we decided that we should go and get a higher education [and also] give time for people to forget about us,” Dylan explained on the YouTube series Conversations with Nat.

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  1. It simply could well be that Dylan Sprouse really does have an affinity for the common man and slaving away, running around slovenly tourists who once used to sheepishly watch the former actor on their evening tv sets in some way turns him on. After all what might be permanent humiliation for most of us as underpaid pretty bixches kissing and vexing over overweight tourists might be kinky high hits for Dylan.

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