Cody Simpson: Washed Up

Don’t look now but Cody Simpson might be washed up. Relax his career is fine – we’re talking literally, not figuratively of course.

The ‘La Da Dee’ singer posted a pic of himself laying in a bathtub and wrote, “In a bath with no water don’t ask.”

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Cody‘s fans were all abuzz last month when it appeared that the singer had gotten some ink on his wrist. After he posted a pic of the tattoo – an image that combined an anchor with a palm tree – many objected commenting, “Cody no tattoos please.”

But it looks like the ink may have been temporary after all. When asked recently if he planned to follow in his pal Justin Bieber‘s footsteps Cody replied: “I don’t think I’m going to go down that path. I’m just gonna stick with my loafers. And I probably won’t get any tattoos. It’s not really my thing.”

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