Zendaya: Eazy Does It!

Zendaya enjoyed some time hanging out with her dad (and manager) Kazembe Ajamu. The two wore matching t-shirts emblazoned with, ‘Eazy Does It.’ The spelling is a play on words – the company that made the shirts, The Life Apparel, is owned by producer Krayzie Bone who has worked with rapper Eazy-E.

“Stuntin like my daddy @thelifeapparel #EAZYE,” Zendaya wrote alongside the pic she posted on Instagram.

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The Shake It Up star recently released her debut album and talked to MTV about this milestone. “I’m kind of creating my own music and I’m kind of creating my own zone, my own lane as an artist. I want to do rhythmic pop,” Zendaya said during an interview in June while recording the album.

“It’s not necessarily your average pop song. It has some kind of urban edge, some kind of more hip-hop-ish tones to it that kind of edge it up and do something a little different so it’s not just your stereotypical pop music.”

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  1. kelly

    Zendaya, I am a huge fan….I am in my 40s, so swagger doesn’t work for me but I think it’s cool for the youngins. I simply wanted to let you know that my daughter, 11yo, is also a ‘swagger’ and you are very inspiring to the younger peoples. As well as Bella…she is a great inspiration to kids because having a hurtle that you’re not afraid to talk about is huge for kids. Respect. Zen, you are beautiful and your heart and kindness show through in your eyes no matter what ‘set’ that you’re on….you cannot hide YOU. And THAT’S awsome…never change. Kel Cooper


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