Chloë Moretz: Please Pray For My Mom

Chloë Moretz reached out to fans via Twitter on behalf of her mom. “Please pray for my mama <3” she wrote on Tuesday (October 1).

The Carrie actress didn’t give any details, but earlier in the year Chloë revealed that as a young girl of 10 she watched her mom battle cancer, calling it “scary and hard.” It isn’t known whether her current struggles are related to that illness.

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She has also talked about how her mother’s cancer – as well as her father leaving the family – was a reality check for how she viewed at her parents.

“It made me realize, along with everything that happened with my Dad, that your parents aren’t these godly figures. They’re not chosen by the heavens,” Chloë told InStyle U.K.

“They’re humans. Their bodies can fail and they can die at any moment. They make mistakes. They cry. They fight. It definitely, from a young age, put everything into perspective for me.”

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