Malea: “Hard Work Pays Off!”

Pop-rock songstress Malea had no clue until high school that she had the talent to become a singer. The talented musician just released her fourth album, Prism, which is inspired by all of her “adventures, trials, and tribulations.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently caught up with Malea about her new album and how she came up with the name, “Prism.” The singer-songwriter also chatted about her recent “Save A Life, Adopt A Pet” tour that supported the animal rescue cause!

CTS: Tell us about your fourth album, Prism. What is the inspiration behind the songs?

Malea: “I was on the road with my “Save a Life, Adopt A Pet” tour last year and was motivated to write about my adventures, trials, and tribulations…I had the pleasure to work with new co-writers who made the process fun.”

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CTS: How did you come up with the name Prism?

Malea: “Prism comes from my love of the metaphysical and the complexity of this group of works.”

CTS: What’s your musical style?

Malea: “I think my style is ‘singer-songwriter,’ because all my works start with either the acoustic guitar or the piano.”

CTS: You didn’t realize until high school that you had a special gift. What or who inspired your interest in singing and song-writing?

Malea: “My high school teacher helped guide me in the direction I found later.”

CTS: What’s it like to open up for and tour with some of the bigger names in the music industry?  Are you ever star struck?

Malea: “It is an amazing experience and wonderful opportunity to be exposed to the fans of other artists.  I will never forget about Donovan telling me a story about his experience with The Beatles in India.”

CTS: You are also known for your work in animal advocacy. How do you support the animal rescue cause?

Malea: “My last Tour was called “Save A Life, Adopt A Pet,” where I traveled throughout the United States to help raise awareness and money for local humane societies and shelters.  I actually rescued my dog, TC, from Tuba City, Arizona while on the tour.  I had to meet with the Navajo Reservation Police to legally rescue him!”

CTS: You have three dogs, tell us how they ended up in your life.

Malea: “I met Oscar, who has passed, while working at the Amanda Foundation in Beverly Hills. His owners tried to trade him in for a puppy, because they thought he was too old. I wrapped him in warm blankets to settle him down when we took him in. It was a very traumatic experience for a 10-year-old dog. He was my first rescue and a truly amazing animal and friend.  You can see a video I made for him on

I also adopted my second dog, Jonah, from the Amanda Foundation. He came from a bad shelter and was commonly looked over due to his lack of grooming.  I always made an effort to walk him, because many would always pass him over. Jonah has been traveling  with me on tour for the past two years. He loves the tour bus! My third dog, TC, found me on the road.”

CTS What else do you like to do in your free time?

Malea: “I am a practicing astrologer and I love to knit.”

CTS: Do you have any advice for young people thinking of getting into the entertainment industry?

Malea: “Hard work pays off!”

CTS: What is up next for you?

Malea: “I am pregnant and about to give birth. I also plan to doing live performances again in Las Vegas in 2014.”

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