Z LaLa: “Everything Around Me Inspires My Creativity”

The newest singing sensation is here! If you are a huge fan of Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez, you would love the catchy electro-pop tunes of Z LaLa! The talented singer just released her debut album, Zilosophy, which features the hit single “Flyaway.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop had the chance to chat with Z LaLa about her debut album, how “Flyaway” is all about “breaking free and eliminating boundaries,” and why she released the song in 14 different languages. Z LaLa also shared what it was like collaborating with the Black Eyed Peas and Prince!

CTS: You just released your first single, “Flyaway.” Could you tell us about the song? How did it come together?

Z LaLa: “When I was writing “Flyaway,” I was going through a lot at the time and I put all those feelings into the song. It’s all about breaking free and eliminating boundaries.”

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CTS: What made you decide to release the song in 14 different languages?

Z LaLa: “I wanted to bridge the language gap and have the whole world understand and connect to my music.”

CTS: You also just released your debut album Zilosophy. What is the inspiration behind the album?

Z LaLa: “I used a lot of philosophy through fantasy and symbolism. I also used my personal emotions and my life’s experiences, which both play a big part in how I write my lyrics and music.”

CTS: The video for your new single “Sweet Dreams” is quickly approaching 1 million views on YouTube. What do you attribute the viral success to?

Z LaLa: “The song was already a huge hit in the 80’s with the eurhythmics and I was complimented on the redo many times.  The song attracts a large audience because it is a classic. I think the production of the video made it a success. The director did a fantastic job in putting the whole thing together and we put a lot of labor of love into this video; we were in pre-production for six months!”

CTS: You have collaborated with producers and artists like the Black Eyed Peas and Prince. What is it like working with these well respected musicians? Do you ever get star-struck? What keeps you grounded?

Z LaLa: “It was a very exhilarating experience, because those producers made it look so easy to create such complex musical works. I don’t know about star-struck, but I was definitely honored to meet and work with them.”

CTS: You have such an eclectic and unique taste in fashion. Where does that come from? Who are your greatest fashion icons?

Z LaLa: “Everything around me inspires my creativity, such as any living creature or non-living object. World cultures, fantasy, hybrid futuristic art, and nature all inspire my fashion. I do love Phillip Tracy, Iris van Herpen, Gareth Pugh, Rocky Gathercole, and Merlin Castell. Grace Jones had a great way of outputting herself with what she wore, so I also look up to her.”

CTS: What inspired you to pursue a career in singing and song-writing? What have been some major highlights of your career thus far?  What are some of the goals you have set for yourself or are you just taking it as it comes?

Z LaLa: “As a kid, I always loved music and wanted to be a singer and entertainer. I grew up in the 90’s and was heavily influenced by the pop and R&B singers of that time period. Hearing my songs play on the radio and seeing myself on television and in magazines has been a dream come true. My goal is to travel the world and perform my music in all of the major languages (in each country’s main language) so that I can bring them closer to my music and I. I also wish to perform live in Madison Square Garden while the concert is broadcasted simultaneously all over the world.”

CTS: What do you like to do in your free time?

Z LaLa: “I enjoy designing everything, from heels to headpieces to jewelry to clothing. Of course, I also devote attention to my beloved friends and family as much as I can when I get the chance.”

CTS: What is up next for you? Any upcoming tours?

Z LaLa: “We are currently custom designing instruments and outfits for my upcoming performances, which will also include a live electro band.”

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