Kait Weston On ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Single: “I Feel Extremely Blessed”

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Kait Weston has a track in the new movie Romeo & Juliet called Til Death Do Us Part. The track premiered on MTV’s Buzzworthy two weeks ago.

A YouTube star- Kait was chosen by the producers of the film to write and perform the theme song. The video for the film was shot by director Jay Martin – who has previously worked on Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts and A Thousand Years – from the Twilight soundtrack. Celebrity Teen Scoop recently interviewed Kait to learn more about her music.

CTS: Tell us about your song “Til Death Do Us Part” for the Romeo and Julie movie which premiered on MTV’s Buzzworthy.  How did you get involved?

KW: I wrote “Til Death Do Us Part” after watching the trailer for Romeo and Juliet. I was so inspired by the story. I played the song for my managers Madison Jones & Suzanne De Passe who then passed it along to the producers of the film. It was quite a surprise to me that everyone loved it so much. Seeing it premiere on MTV BuzzWorthy was so exciting but then having it placed on the front page of MTV.com the next day was incredibly overwhelming in the best way possible. I never thought a song that I wrote would be used for a major motion picture. I feel nothing but extremely blessed.

CTS: What’s it like to be a YouTube star?  How did you grow your popularity on YouTube?

KW: A few years ago I only had about 60 subscribers. I won a contest with a youtube artist named Tyler Ward who I then got to collab with and that’s when my channel really launched. The best comments & tweets are those letting me know I inspired someone. Being able to use my music on youtube to help others believe in themselves is an incredible feeling.

CTS You’re a singer and songwriter.  How did you get your start in music?  Did one come before the other or did both singing and songwriting develop together?

KW: Singing came first. I got my start in my basement with karaoke revolution and then decided to put covers up on YouTube. YouTube has opened so many doors for me including giving my original music a platform to be heard.

CTS: Tell us about your appearance on Ellen.  What was your reaction when you got the call?  Did it open a lot of doors for you?

KW: Being on Ellen was so crazy. I got the call while walking through Barnes & Noble up at school. I proceeded to cry a lot and everyone was staring at me because I probably looked ridiculous. I mean you would probably do the same if you got a call from the Ellen Show. I actually flew out to be on the show an hour after my final exam that I absolutely bombed. Being on the show was an experience I will never forget.

CTS: You have your debut album coming out.  What can we look forward to?

KW: I am really excited to be releasing more original music so people can get a better understanding of who I am as an artist.

CTS: Who are some of your musical inspirations?  Anyone you’re hoping to collaborate with?

KW: Macklemore!! His music is incredible. His lyrics are a movement and I think thats why people love him so much. People get emotionally attached to his music and that’s exactly what I want for my music as well! I hope one day to collab with Macklemore!

CTS: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

KW: Everything!! Katy Perry, Mumford and Songs, The Civil Wars, Demi Lovato, Imagine Dragons, Hunter Hayes.

CTS: What do you do when you’re not performing?  Any favorite hobbies?

KW: Adventures with friends in Hollywood. Specifically to Sprinkles cupcakes and or ice cream. I recommend going there and getting a cupcake if you haven’t.

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