The Jonas Brothers Delete Their Twitter Account

The Jonas Brothers have deleted their official band’s Twitter account.

There has been no reason from Nick, Kevin and Joe or their reps on why the action was taken. Recently – Nick and Kevin reportedly begged Joe to travel to New York – but he refused. Kevin ended up flying to L.A. to be with him. The two were seen having dinner with Joe’s recovery manager Mike Bayer on Tuesday night.

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Meanwhile Kevin and his wife Danielle are trying to figure out how to get out of her fake pregnancy. reports the couple were never expecting a child and was telling a lie from the beginning. Two major reasons they fabricated the lie was to give them a significant story line in their reality show to increase weak ratings. It was also to increase interest and sales of the Jonas Brothers’ music.

Danielle and Kevin also bought a series of five fake pregnancy bellies from a company called Moon Bump in May 2013. Their plan is to announce a tragic miscarriage.

According to Blindgossip,  “Now that the Jonas Brothers tour is off, the album is canceled, and we’ve exposed this lie. What are they going to do?”

Oveall there’s a lot of mystery with the band this week. Was the tour canceled because of low ticket sales, Joe’s drug addiction or trying to figure out how to get out of a fake pregnancy?

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