One Direction Admit To Lack Of Privacy In Australia

One Direction are currently in Australia and performed in Brisbane on Saturday (October 19). The band admit the challenges of getting out of their hotel while in the country.

Liam Payne said, “To be fair it has been quite difficult in Australia this time. In the grand scheme of things worldwide I have gone out a lot less in Australia than anywhere else. I tried to go shopping one day and literally within minutes there were 60 girls following me around the shops. If one picture of you gets Tweeted everyone knows exactly where you are and that’s you done for the day then you’re stuck with people following you around.”

He added, “We are just normal lads, we do want our privacy sometimes just to throw a football around and let off a bit of steam, rather than constantly being in the public eye.”

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Niall Horan said, “You have to look past it sometimes and just get out. There’s no point living like a prisoner in your hotel. Even if they are nice hotels.”

He had come to Melbourne last month before their tour to see his family. He explained, “Two of my cousins live in the suburbs. I came down two weeks before the tour started for a holiday, to spend a bit of time with them in Melbourne.”

Meanwhile One Direction are wowing fans Down Under. Recent photos this week in Brisbane show Harry Styles wearing an Aussie hat and Liam playing the didgeridoo.

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